Whether we are working to expand access to justice to those in need, or supporting veterans, these efforts improve the world around and strengthen firm culture. This is the career track that I had in mind when I came here, and it has been achievable due to the training, support and confidence that my directors have had in me. Please see our most frequently asked questions below. Most importantly, though, I forged meaningful relationships with the staff, associates and partners, which enabled me to accelerate my integration into the firm when I started as an associate. I am not only at my best, but that is being redefined and sharpened every day. DLA Piper is part of the Law Firms & Legal Services industry, and located in United Kingdom. I was interested in going to a firm where I was in competition with myself and supported by other attorneys. Flip the boxes to learn more. ", "It's really great to hear a message from somebody at the top of the law firm that's genuine. The American Lawyer has ranked DLA Piper the #3 law firm in the US based on gross revenue. ", The best aspect about working for DLA Piper is the team energy we enjoy. - How will you succeed at DLA Piper?- Tell me about a time when you accomplished something you were especially proud of.- How did you decide that you wanted to pursue a career in law? The Legal Support Team supports the lawyers of the firm by providing exceptional service to them and their clients. We think nimbly and seize opportunities. Communication is key to the success of my team, and management always strives to facilitate cooperation, efficiently and effectively. And of course, the people are wonderful! We get the entire department together for biannual conferences, which helps with cohesiveness. I will always be grateful for the support and understanding. Everyone in the group works exceptionally hard and we sharpen one another. I take pride in working with the firm's internal and external clients on event planning and conference service, and our teamwork has been a blessing. Greater Los Angeles Area. If your question is not covered in the FAQs, please use the email address provided below to get in touch. Yes! One of Alice's greatest accomplishments has been identifying over $400,000 in US Patent Office refunds owed to DLA Piper clients. . We are committed to providing a standout experience and are proud to offer the following opportunities; click below to learn more: The Krantz Fellowship provides two first-year associates the opportunity to spend their initial year of practice fully engaged on pro bono matters. I work to raise the profile of tax services as a business solution. Our local and firmwide recruiting teams are professional and personable and are always available to address questions and provide insight. Associates are recognized each year for qualified D&I activities, including: leading resource group goals, designing and executing programming that raises cultural awareness, providing mentorship, supporting the diverse pipeline through recruitment efforts at law schools, participating in client and student-facing diversity events, and more. We invite you to meet our people and learn more about life at DLA Piper. Our team maintains the Technology in Practice initiative, created to institutionalize the process of identifying and implementing better technological solutions. DLA Pipers Raja Gaddipati Fellowship is an in-house pipeline initiative that offers underrepresented undergraduate students insight to what a career in a large law firm environment might entail. I have had countless conversations with vendors who want our input on how to improve their products. We also foster access to advancement opportunities through transparency around matriculation criteria and potential career pathways, whether at DLA Piper or in-house with our clients and beyond. It is a very good mix for producing high-quality work. DLA Piper has been a leader in the community - helping veterans apply for special compensation, assisting applicants seeking asylum, preparing clemency petitions for non-violent inmates, and holding weekly reading programs for 4th to 7th grade students. I believe it is the character of the people on my team that helps me to perform my job at a high level. My role at DLA Piper is Operations Manager. They challenge themselves to think big and find creative new solutions. I am constantly striving to learn more, and my department provides many opportunities to learn about new research services and techniques. How do I apply for a summer position? It shows that you are engaged and listening. This structure also encourages career development and allows flexible scheduling, providing a wealth of training and mentoring to help you excel and to expand your skill set and your boundaries. ", From the first day of my summer program, I was treated like a member of the team and given projects similar to those I would work on as a first-year associate. My managers worked with me to ensure I had ample time to study and prepare for the exam and even covered the examination fee. I like to believe that I have had many achievements since coming to DLA Piper. DLA Piper is one of the largest business law firms in the world and one of the most recognized law firm brands globally. Below are just a few of the elements that can make an individual stand out from the rest. If you are interested in this candidate, contact him directly by using contact details provided by SignalHire. The CI team is relatively new. I am proud to be a member of this team. DLA Piper's generous contributions to our retirement plans show that it is a firm that cares about the future of its employees. . As we work toward identifying specific benchmarks, we strongly encourage our attorneys and operations teams to consider and recommend women-owned and minority owned-businesses as opportunities arise. Many of the deals we work on are complex and challenging - transcending not just practice areas, but borders, languages and legal systems. " Summers on the Work, "Being able to observe a partner on the phone with a client and seeing a semester's worth of negotiating training packed into 9 minutes was one of the most impactful things. Video interviewing lets you share the story of your career, your skills and experience. I accomplished this goal. Apply to open positions, submit your resume for future consideration or sign up for job alerts. DLA Piper was one of the first signatories of the Mansfield Rule, a national initiative developed to increase diversity in law firm recruitment, promotion, and leadership appointment practices. We provide important opportunities to hone legal skills, gain client exposure, and build business development acumen so the firms next generation of trusted advisors is ready to meet the evolving needs of our clients. Everyone was super friendly and outgoing and extremely intelligent - all people I aspire to be and hopefully learn from as a future lawyer. The distance does not stop us: every team member plays a unique and important role. Our collaboration system has been improved and customized to the point that it is easily the most widely used collaboration tool in the legal industry. "This firm really has an unparalleled commitment to pro bono. Unfortunately she lost her battle, but I never felt punished for taking time off DLA Piper never wavered in supporting me as I tried to balance everything. I enjoy working with the entire Operations Manager team. I am proud of my department's work in transitioning from print to digital resources. Summer associates have the opportunity to observe more senior lawyers conducting high-value legal activities such as attending trials, depositions, negotiations, closings, arbitrations and client meetings. They are the nicest people! One of my greatest achievements over the past couple of years is the preparation of the January Partner distribution, the largest transaction of the year. It will also help you feel more confident. View Stacy Silverstone's business profile as Director, Legal Recruiting at DLA Piper. Candice Saunders has been working as a Legal Recruiting Coordinator at DLA Piper for 6 years. If you're at a law school where we generally conduct on-campus interviews, you may apply through your school's career placement office. It is lots of hard work, but you have the opportunity to collaborate (and sometimes even have fun) with colleagues and folks from all over the firm. Our business development team works closely with firm leadership and partners to pursue and capture new business opportunities. You can tell accolades are genuine, and you can feel true connections that have been built over the years. I like it when I am called on to be a part of a team to work on special projects for the firm. " Summers, "People are there to support you whether it's fellow summer associates or other attorneys at the firm. Also, if you'd like to learn more about a specific practice group or the experiences of a specific lawyer with a diverse background, please ask your recruiter. I have had the opportunity to learn from the best. Thats because trusting, collaborative relationships with our clients and each other are at the heart of our success. I am lucky! I will be able to use my new skills throughout my career and for the rest of my life. I have also participated in due diligence matters in a number of states across the country, going beyond the scope of my New York expertise in environmental and land use issues. Our team has been transforming our billing operations. Stacy Silverstone's Phone Number and Email Last Update. ", The summer associate program provided me with a great opportunity to get a jump start on building relationships with associates and partners whom I would likely work with as a junior associate. The marketing department is a highly collaborative team of professionals who work closely with practice groups and sectors to build the reputation of our lawyers. What kind of experience are you looking for? Take a look at what our people are up to on Instagram here. Being part of the team that supports the Global Partners' Conferences is always a big achievement. With access to life, disability and critical illness insurance options, you will take comfort in having income protection. How long after the interview might I receive an offer? I've been here a long time, but my job still feels fresh and exciting. After the interview, take the time to send personal emails to each interviewer. Take advantage of your professional network. My greatest achievement has been the way that my career has evolved over the years. Working closely with the Mexico City office and getting new arrivals on board in regard to firm policies has also presented me with new opportunities to build my skills and experience. As a firm, we never stand still. The case teams and individuals I work with are fantastic. Summer associates are engaged in a range of legal assignments and practice areas. Summer associates also receive written evaluations for each assignment they complete. Below are some of the types of questions you can expect to discuss during the interview process. DLA Piper is a founding sponsor of the Legal Mentor Network, a nonprofit organization focused on providing junior lawyers and law students with free mentoring services. DLA Piper is a fantastic law firm to work for. Whether it's taking part in our Internship Programme or commencing as a graduate, you'll be given the tools to forge a successful career as a lawyer. At DLA Piper, we pride ourselves on giving new lawyers a truly unique experience when starting their career with us. It is a blessing to be led by respected partners who go to great lengths to make our group inclusive and diverse, utilizing people and what they bring. For further information about these entities and DLA Piper's structure, please refer to our Legal Notices. I have assisted with two moves in the past year. They consistently teach me, empower me and allow me to lead. The principal areas of practice are Business and Technology (including Corporate, Biosciences, Finance and Financial Services and Project Finance), Real Estate, Litigation, Trusts and Estates, Employee Benefits and Executive Compensation, Bankruptcy .
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